Dermawear Padded Racer Back Sports Bra SB-1101

Dermawear Padded Racer Back Sports Bra SB-1101


Bra Sizes
How to measure

Chest / Bust :Measure around the fullest part of the bust, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.


28 A59-6272-74
28 B59-6274-76
28 C59-6276-78
28 D59-6278-80
28 DD59-6280-82
28 E59-6282-84
28 F59-6285-88
28 FF59-6289-92
28 G59-6293-96
28 H59-6297-100
30 A63-6777-79
30 B63-6779-81
30 C63-6781-83
30 D63-6783-85
30 DD63-6785-88
30 E63-6788-91
30 F63-6792-95
30 FF63-6796-99
30 G63-67100-103
30 H63-67104-107
32 A68-7282-84
32 B68-7284-86
32 C68-7286-88
32 D68-7288-90
32 DD68-7290-93
32 E68-7294-97
32 F68-7298-100
32 FF68-72101-104
32 G68-72105-108
32 H68-72109-112
34 A73-7787-89
34 B73-7789-91
34 C73-7791-93
34 D73-7793-96
34 DD73-7797-100
34 E73-77101-104
34 F73-77105-108
34 FF73-77109-112
34 G73-77113-116
34 H73-77117-120
36 A78-8292-94
36 B78-8294-96
36 C78-8296-98
36 D78-8298-101
36 DD78-82102-105
36 E78-82106-109
36 F78-82110-113
36 FF78-82114-117
36 G78-82118-121
36 H78-82122-125
38 A83-8797-99
38 B83-8799-101
38 C83-87101-103
38 D83-87103-106
38 DD83-87107-110
38 E83-87111-114
38 F83-87115-118
38 FF83-87119-122
38 G83-87123-126
38 H83-87127-130
40 A88-92102-104
40 B88-92104-106
40 C88-92106-108
40 D88-92108-111
40 DD88-92112-115
40 E88-92116-119
40 F88-92120-123
40 FF88-92124-127
40 G88-92128-131
40 H88-92132-135
42 A93-97107-109
42 B93-97109-111
42 C93-97111-113
42 D93-97113-116
42 DD93-97117-120
42 E93-97121-124
42 F93-97125-128
42 FF93-97129-132
42 G93-97133-136
42 H93-97137-140
44 A98-102112-114
44 B98-102114-116
44 C98-102116-118
44 D98-102118-121
44 DD98-102122-125
44 E98-102126-129
44 F98-102130-133
44 FF98-102134-137
44 G98-102138-141
44 H98-102142-145
46 A103-107117-119
46 B103-107119-121
46 C103-107121-123
46 D103-107123-126
46 DD103-107127-130
46 E103-107131-134
46 F103-107135-138
46 FF103-107139-142
46 G103-107143-146
46 H103-107147-150

Dermawear Padded Racer Back Sports Bra SB-1101


Racerback Design

Foam Padded, Non-Wired

Comfortable Grip & Support

Full-Coverage, Wide Straps

Whole-Day Wear

Skin Friendly, Super Knit Fabric

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Dermawear’s Racer Back Sports Bra is apt for women who want strain-free bust support and comfortable fitting during their fitness routines. It comes with strong features like full-bust coverage, wide straps, and a racer back design that help de-loading the weight at the shoulders.

SB-1101 sports bra is expertly tailored to protect your bust tissues from damage during strenuous activities. It has no hooks, eyes or zippers. You simply have to roll it down your head and arms. The inbuilt Cup Pads are made of quality foam and are replaceable.

What more? Made of Texturized Micropoly, Elastane & Cotton fabric, this is a whole-day-wear sports bra is a highly comfortable garment that allows easy breathability and flexibility during stretching or weight-training. In fact, regular wear of Dermawear’s SB-1101 Sports Bra can help avoid back strains, weak postures and sagging bust line. Definitely a must-have Active garment for ladies who are sports enthusiastic or outdoorsy!

Its bounce-control feature is a special blessing for heavy-breasted women who need firm grip and support at the bust line. The moulded cups provide good coverage and uniform pressure over the breasts to reduce the appearance of muffin tops or bulges while giving a flattering upper-body frame. With this Racer Back Sports Bra, you’ll get a perfectly smooth fit even under tight-fitting sports gears!

Available in trendy colours of Black, Black-Grey & Black-Pink. Sizes vary from Medium to 3XL.

You can also try out Dermawear’s Activewear Collection to explore suitable Leggings, Capri’s, or Track Pants to go with your Racer Back Sports Bra!

Refer to size chart before placing an order.


Composition: Texurised Micropoly 65%, Elastane 15%, Cotton 20%

Skin friendly & non-allergic

Machine washable

Dry flat in shade

Do not iron

Do not dry clean


Extra Large (XL), Extra Small (XS), Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S), XXL, XXXL, XXXXL, XXXXXL


Beet Red, Berry, Black & Gray, Blue, Blush Pink, Blushing Bride, Candy Pink, Capri Melange, Chambary Melange, Deep Cobalt, Deep Periwinkle, Dove, Eclipse, Estate Blue, Grape Wine, Gray Melange, Green Jiteal, Heather Rose, Jteal, Lt Grey Mel, Milanch, Navy, Nude, Oat Meal Melange, Orchid Melange, PaleSkin, Peach Blossom, Peach Blush, Pearl, Poppy Red, Printed, Purple, Red Love, Rose, Royal Blue, Salmon, Tea Berry, Tomato Melange, Wine, White, Black, Skin, Coral, Gray, Marun, Raspberry, Coffee, Peach, Navy Blue, Pink, Burgandy, Dark Pink, Magenta, Rani, Red, Ruby, Scarlet, Tomato




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